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90 Day Fiancé’s Debbie Johnson Turned Away at Canada Border and Can’t Be …

Debbie Johnson was unable to reenter Canada at the border. Her heart is broken.

Last year, Debbie Johnson asked 90 Day Fiance fans for help.

Despite finding her happily ever after with boyfriend Tony, the process of legally emigrating to Canada had hit a major roadblock.

Now, authorities have turned her away at the border — sending her back to Vegas. What went wrong?

In Canada, Debbie Johnson rides in a car with Tony Starcevich. (Image Credit: TLC)

Debbie Johnson’s love life has hit a major snag

“Really bad news,” Debbie Johnson’s heartbreaking Instagram post began over the weekend.

“I got turned down at the Canadian border,” she announced.

Debbie explained: “I have to go back to Vegas until my permanent residency is filed.”

On 90 Day: The Single Life, Debbie Johnson found love against 69. Her Canadian love, Tony Starcevich, wasn’t shy about showing his affection. (Image Credit: TLC)

What happened? Didn’t Debbie know ahead of time that she’d need to do this already?

“We were given some bad information,” Debbie assured her followers, “or we would have filed sooner.”

She concluded her post by asking fans to offer up prayers on her behalf.

In early January 2024, Debbie Johnson revealed that authorities at the Canadian border had refused her entry. (Image Credit: Instagram)

There is more to Debbie Johnson’s story

Debbie continued to share this difficult news in a raw, informative caption.

“We really messed up and waited a bit to long,” she confessed.

“We were told the wrong information,” Debbie acknowledged, “and we should [have] done more checking.”

Debbie Johnson found that she loved Canada once she traveled there with her man. (Image Credit: TLC)

“We were in the process of gathering all the documents and information that we needed, and pow,” Debbie described.

She recalled her encounter at the border, writing: “I was told NOPE CAN’T COME IN.”

Debbie remarked: “It’s ironic, two old people find love in there early 70s and all they want is to be together.”

Post-makeover Debbie Johnson stuns while speaking to the 90 Day: The Single Life confessional. (Image Credit: TLC)

Debbie and Tony are seniors in love

Debbie went on to note how she and boyfriend Tony Sparcevich want to “spend their remaining years together.”

Speaking of herself and Tony in the third person, she wrote: “They choose Canada.” That’s where Tony lives.

“But now they say Nope you can’t come in until your paperwork is filed,” Debbie lamented.

Debbie Johnson hugs boyfriend Tony Starcevich on 90 Day: The Single Life. (Image Credit: TLC)

“Laws are Laws,” Debbie acknowledged.

“But once in a while there is that time when you can say. ‘“’You know what, we will give you a little extra time to file those papers. How about 30 days,’” she suggested.

“But,” she reiterated, “laws are laws.” We can all detect the understandably bitter tone to those words.

Taking to Instagram, Debbie Johnson penned this painful caption about her emigration woes. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“We know we should [have] done more checking,” Debbie admitted, remarkng: “but to not allow me to come in?”

She characterized: “With only the clothes on my back, I had to leave the man I love.”

Debbie then concluded: “Hopefully we can get this filed quickly and get back to enjoying our life and our love.”

When they met up at a hotel, Debbie Johnson and Tony Sparcevich fell for each other. Fortunately, they landed on a soft mattress. (Image Credit: TLC)

It is heartbreaking to think that this paperwork mishap is keeping Debbie and Tony apart. They deserve to be happy.

We are all rooting for Debbie.

For now, it’s unclear where she’s residing in Vegas — or whether 90 Day cameras will follow her journey to reunite with Tony.

Debbie Johnson feeding her son Colt Johnson breakfast in Brazil really summarizes so much of their earlier dynamic. Have things gotten worse, or better? (Image Credit: TLC)

Debbie has a long history on 90 Day Fiance

Cameras have been following Debbie for years, though she started off as a passenger on someone else’s love journey.

Her son, Colt Johnson, married Larissa Lima for all of seven months. He then moved on to another Brazilian beauty, Jess Carolina, before marrying Vanessa Guerra.

While Colt and his rampant online (and allegedly in-person) cheating terrorized women and viewers, many found his co-dependent relationship with Debbie … fascinating.

On 90 Day: The Single Life, Debbie Johnson announced that it had been 40 years since she’d last been on a date. It was time for that to change. (Image Credit: TLC)

So it was only natural for Debbie to document her dating journey on 90 Day: The Single Life after Colt did.

She underwent a total makeover and, at 70, began looking for eligible men.

Debbie likely never expected to meet and fall in love with Tony. We’re really rooting for them to work this out.

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