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Abby Lee Miller Complains Britney Spears’ Dancing Makes Her ‘Cringe’

Remember last year, when Abby Lee Miller admitted her lust for high school boys? That was rough.

Unfortunately, her bad takes have not slowed their roll. This time, she’s going after Britney Spears.

Picking an easy target, Miller is going after the Pop Princess’ dancing on social media. Also the clothes that she wears.

That’s not really a surprise. Britney’s dancing for fun, and Miller has always made dance look miserable.

Abby Lee Miller did an in-depth and controversial interview with Sofia Franklyn in late 2023. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Britney Spears faced years of manipulation, lost most of her adult life to a conservatorship, and has only recently begun reclaiming her life.

She posts selfies when she wants to, shares stream-of-consciousness captions, and of course posts dance videos.

Britney is one of the most talented performers on the planet. But right now, she’s just dancing around the house because she wants to.

On December 17, 2023, Britney Spears once again put her dance skills on display for her Instagram followers. She didn’t include a caption, not even an “Io Saturnalia,” but her moves say it all. (Image Credit: Instagram)

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, former Dance Moms villain Abby Lee Miller mocked Britney’s dancing.

Though she praised Britney has having once seemed “great, confident, and well taught” in dancing, she had more to say.

Miller expressed that Britney’s dances — the ones that she does in her house, for fun, and shares with fans — make her “cringe.”

On YouTube in 2022, Abby Lee Miller made it very clear that she does not take some of her critics seriously. Even the ones who personally know her. (Image Credit: YouTube)

She characterized that Britney used to “perform like J-Lo” while doing “athletic, real dancing.” Yes, that is accurate.

“‘Toxic’ I mean, any of those songs, even in her video […Baby One More Time] the iconic schoolgirl outfit, coming down the hallway with the lockers,” Miller praised.

“She was dancing and she could dance,” she recalled. Miller continued: “She was great. She was just great.”

Did you know that Britney Spears’ favorite color is yellow? She took this cute photo in her own yard, during the final years of her conservatorship. (Photo Credit: Britney Spears)

Miller put Britney on blast, accusing that “She was away from her dance teacher too long.”

She continued: “That’s number one … dance is a constantly evolving art form.” True enough.

“So,” Miller reasoned, “you have to continually stay with the trends.”

Dance Moms antagonist Abby Lee Miller is now a YouTuber, using her years of fame to attract attention on the platform. In this video, she pitches the idea of becoming a Bravolebrity. (YouTube)

It’s true that you have to “stay with the trends” if you a professional dancer.

Britney is just dancing in her house, on Instagram.

It’s unclear if Miller knows this, but you can actually dance however you want in your own home.

Whether they are her former students or not, Abby Lee Miller is eager to call out dancers. Especially if she feels that it will keep her relevant. (Image Credit: YouTube)

Abby Lee Miller: Fashion Police

Miller also raised a stink over Britney’s outfits. Again, this is the clothing that Britney’s wearing at her own home, including low-rise waistlines which were popular in the 2000s and are finally coming back into style.

Apparently, she “just wants [Spears] to pull her pants up.” What?

“The lower your pants are, the longer your body looks and the shorter your legs look,” Miller explained.

Britney Spears is looking adorable and fun in this still from her December 2023 video. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“You want to be head and neck and legs,” Miller stated about dancing aesthetics.

“So, she keeps pushing her pants down, making her body look longer and her legs shorter,” she complained.

Miller expressed: “And I’m like, ‘Pull your pants up and make your legs look longer.’”

Abby Lee Miller gives a thumbs up in this photo, despite her skin tone walking that fine line between a bad tan and what some would label as “blackface.” (Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“I cringe and I yell at her and then the whole world hates me, and then the world of Britney comes after me like I’m psycho. How dare I,” Miller complained.

It is probably not a surprise to anyone who has followed Dance Moms to hear that Abby Lee Miller doesn’t like to see someone just having fun while dancing.

She doesn’t only berate children. Miller also goes after adults.

Abby Lee Miller Complains Britney Spears’ Dancing Makes Her ‘Cringe’ was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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