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MEGAVISION is your go-to source for curated insights into your city’s highlights, offering a handpicked selection of local food experiences, deals, and adventures. Our platform is designed to help you uncover the best that your city has to offer, shining a spotlight on the often-overlooked details that make each experience unique.


Passionately Curious, Eager, and Inclusive

At MEGAVISION, our insatiable curiosity drives us to seek out everything that matters, and we’re committed to sharing it with our audience in the most engaging way possible. Fueled by passion and enthusiasm, we embrace new ideas, perspectives, and experiences with open arms. Continuous communication ensures that we continuously evolve as a brand, both internally and externally.

Knowledgeable and Reliable

We pride ourselves on being a trusted source of information for our valued audience. With honesty and integrity at our core, we strive to provide accurate and helpful insights into what matters most in their city. Our commitment to reliability extends to our interactions with colleagues, as we support each other and collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results.

Accountability and Dedication

Achieving excellence requires hard work and dedication, and we hold ourselves accountable every step of the way. We approach our work with honesty and intentionality, taking responsibility for our actions and ensuring that we uphold our Brand DNA values in all aspects of our professional and personal lives.

Unwavering Relevance

At MEGAVISION, we embrace boldness, innovation, and progressiveness. We refuse to blend in with the crowd and instead strive to stand out in a sea of sameness. By challenging conventions and exploring new horizons, we not only report on trends but also help shape them, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of relevance in our industry.

Content Guidelines

As a digital publisher based in the United States, MEGAVISION prioritizes accuracy in our content, which is a core value upheld by every member of our Content Team. We are committed to thoroughly verifying sources and facts for each story we publish, acknowledging the importance of providing our audience with reliable information. While we aim to deliver news promptly in the digital landscape, we maintain strict standards to ensure the accuracy of our content across all channels, including original sources and multiple online references for fact-checking purposes.

In the event of errors or inaccuracies, MEGAVISION’s Content Team promptly rectifies them and updates articles as necessary, with Editor’s notes or revised dates and times placed prominently at the top of affected articles. Our corporate contact details are readily available on our website for reporting errors, underscoring our dedication to transparency and accountability.

MEGAVISION acknowledges that not all content is continuously updated, and this is clearly communicated on our website. We encourage our audience to exercise caution and verify information from previous months or years before engaging with the content.

As a digital lifestyle publisher, MEGAVISION adopts an editorial approach that blends news and opinion pieces. While our content may incorporate local perspectives and editorial recommendations, it maintains a positive or neutral stance on all topics and refrains from reporting from a negative perspective.

Transparency is paramount in our branded content and affiliate partnerships, which are clearly labeled and disclosed to our audience as “sponsored” articles or “paid partnership” posts. Our internal team, separate from the Content Team, creates branded content and affiliate-linked content, ensuring it does not influence the editorial content shared on our platforms.

MEGAVISION is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion both in our workplace and the content we produce. We strive to represent and respect individuals of all backgrounds, ensuring equal opportunity and objective representation across our content. Upholding professionalism, respect, and kindness in all interactions is paramount for individuals and organizations affiliated with MEGAVISION, reflecting our dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace and community.

Our Partners

Team Members

David Kraus
Tom Hawkins


Tom’s diverse background spans military service, religious broadcasting, non-profit management, political activism, and records management.

During his time in the US Army, Tom excelled as the head of training and quality control at a data processing center, earning the unit a prestigious Meritorious Unit Citation and recognition as the top DPU within NATO.

As Executive Director of a globally broadcasted religious radio program, Tom honed his skills in non-profit management and governance. Following the program’s conclusion, he turned his focus to political activism, leveraging grassroots strategies to support Christian candidates and promote Christian culture.

In his professional career, Tom has been involved in records management, starting with digital records in the military and expanding into construction and non-profit sectors. His expertise includes needs assessments, economic evaluations, and contract management.

Tom’s leadership roles in business and political clubs led to involvement in community projects, including the completion of the All Wars Memorial and renovation of the Veteran Memorial Building. He also played a key role in instilling a God-honoring theme in local memorials and implementing “Freedom Shrines” in public spaces.

Currently, Tom serves as a co-architect of MEGAVISION, contributing strategic planning based on his wealth of experience. His multifaceted perspective enables the company to anticipate challenges and stay ahead of the competition.


Extraordinary Solutions to Increase Your Sales

We don’t pretend to be something we’re not. No illusions, no tricks – just a genuine, down-to-earth partner for your business. We’re all about delivering real results without the fluff.

At MEGAVISION, we uphold a commitment to excellence without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Our goal is to deliver a website that is not just cutting edge and dependable but also is the heart of your marketing campaigns. From the initial brainstorming phase to the ultimate deployment, we meticulously scrutinize every detail to ensure it meets our most rigorous standards.

MEGAVISION simplifies the process of creating an ideal website and integrating your POS online ordering system.

In addition, we provide comprehensive eCommerce solutions encompassing a feature sales platform.

All the tools you need to create, distribute, redeem and validate digital coupons and vouchers, within one powerful platform. In addition, we help you implement ways to build your coupon distribution and create more sales.

A Digital Coupon Directory is a collection of all your digital campaigns in one catalog. It’s the perfect tool to group discounts when you’re offering multiple discounts at once.

It’s very dynamic and easy to add or delete campaigns. Furthermore, you only have to advertise one Digital Coupon Directory instead of all your deals separately.

Cloud Based Streaming Radio Broadcast Solutions delivering our clients full control of their content management and content distribution. Features include: 

  • Station Management
  • Next Generation Radio Automation
  • Podcast Management
  • Professional Sports Broadcast
  • If you are a business, artist or celebrity with a mass fan following, FANCONNECT will automate many of your fan management tasks.
  • FANCONNECT is a simple to use through our online app that allows artists to use text messaging to connect with their fans.
  • Create and go live in seconds with your own mobile FANCONNECT account.
  • Let fan’s text message you via your own “text in keyword”.
  • Create your FANCONNECT keyword and start building your FANCONNECT today.

Receive top-tier consultation from our Customer Success Team. Our committed team assists you in seamless integration and enables you to execute powerful promotions that fulfill your aspirations.

Dedicated Integration & Customer Success Manager Onboarding & user training Campaign creation & optimization.

Complete Business Development

Unlike others, we don’t offer single tools for profit. All of our tools and creations work together and in turn, would lose effectiveness if seperated. As an entire package this will include but is not limited to:

  • Corportate and sales website creation
  • Point-of-Sales online ordering systems
  • Customer portals
  • Bulk SMS and Fan Clubs
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Branding & marketing design
  • Customer research
  • Management & Maintenance

Share with your employees and customers the best life has to offer with exclusive savings on: Theme Parks, Attractions and Shows; Hotels, Flights and Rental Cars; Concerts, Sports and Live Events; Movie Tickets; Electronics and much more.

We recognize the significance of not just forming partnerships with our clients but also offering education and support for business development and campaign execution endeavors. Consequently, we’ve are establishing a new a Academy Series, available at no cost to any customers and partners.

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