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Heat Wave Continues Across US, With Temperatures Expected to Reach Record-Breaking Levels

A relentless heat wave that has been baking much of the United States this past week is expected to continue and expand across the country this weekend. The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning millions of Americans, particularly those living in the highly populated Interstate 95 corridor, to be mindful of the heat-related advisories or alerts issued.

Temperatures are expected to soar into the mid-to-upper 90s from the central and southern Plains to the East Coast, with some areas experiencing humidity that will bring heat index values as high as the mid-100s. The NWS has issued a warning stating that these temperatures remain the most anomalous and dangerous for early summer over portions of the Midwest/Ohio Valley east to the Mid-Atlantic.

In Washington D.C., officials are urging residents to take precautions to avoid overheating, including staying indoors, drinking plenty of water, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and seeking shade. “Heat exhaustion is a real thing,” said Thennie Freeman, director of the Washington, D.C., Department of Parks and Recreation. “We want our residents to be safe from extreme heat.”

Power Outages Widespread

The heat wave has already caused widespread disruptions, particularly in Michigan where utility crews have been working tirelessly to restore power to thousands of customers affected by severe storms on Wednesday night. Over 12,000 homes and businesses remained without power as of Friday afternoon.

Heat-Related Deaths Reported

In Idaho, officials reported two people in their 60s who died from heat-related causes, marking the state’s first heat-related deaths of the year.

Flash Flooding Concerns

The excessive heat is not the only weather-related issue facing some states. Widespread showers and thunderstorms have sparked flash flooding in parts of New England and the Great Lakes, with more heavy rainfall expected over the weekend.

Evacuations Ordered

In New Mexico and Nevada, “monsoon-like conditions” are bringing scattered showers and storms that could bring locally heavy downpours. The heavy rain has prompted mandatory evacuations in some areas, with shelters set up for displaced residents.

National Weather Service Issues Warnings

The NWS is warning of the highest chance for potentially significant heavy rainfall along the Upper Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Valley and in parts of southern New England. Temperatures are expected to rise further in the western and central US, with temperatures reaching mid-90s to low 100s in much of the interior Pacific  Northwest, Great Basin, and California.

As the heat wave continues, residents are advised to take precautions to avoid overheating and to stay informed about weather conditions in their area.


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