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Jenelle Evans: I’m Coming Out with a Podcast!

As previously detailed, Jenelle Evans is legally banned at the moment from talking about her oldest son, Jace, after the teenager ran away on multiple occasion and then accused Jenelle’s husband of abuse.

It’s an ugly, messy and unfortunate situation.

However, while the former Teen Mom cast member can’t talk in public about this major controversy, she does plan on saying a lot of other stuff in a brand new forum at some point soon.

This is a long-winded way of saying the following:

Jenelle Evans is out and about here for the holidays in late 2023. (Instagram)

Jenelle Evans appears to be coming out with her own podcast.

Last month, you see, Jenelle’s “Time of the Day” brand Instagram page posted a picture of Evans wearing headphones, as well as a caption promising that a “weekly podcast” would be launching soon.

Not much reading between the lines required there, you know?

This week, meanwhile, more images of a headphones-wearing, smiling Jenelle were uploaded to Instagram and Facebook, along with the captions that “things are about to get interesting.”

Jenelle Evans appeared to tease a forthcoming podcast with this photo. (Instagram)

On the Time of Day website, more information has been provided about this forthcoming project.

The online destination says this podcast will dive “deep into the life, experiences and stories of Jenelle Evans,” which could mean it goes in any number of wild directions.

“Join us as we navigate through the highs and lows, the triumphs and challenges of Jenelle’s journey, giving you an unfiltered perspective on the woman behind the headlines,” the website reads.

The podcast website further explains that each new episode will explore “various facets of Jenelle’s life – from her stardom to her personal struggles and more.”

It also promises to bring in “exclusive interviews, expert insights and thought-provoking discussions.”

Jenelle Evans smiles alongside David Eason for this social media snapshot. (Instagram)

Jenelle’s life these days seems as hectic and sort of as tragic as ever.

She no longer has custody of Jace and she’s once again the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation due to the aforementioned allegation of abuse against David Eason.

Last we heard, Jace had been hospitalized and it was unclear under whose roof he will be living for the foreseeable future.

Jenelle Evans poses here with two of her kids on Thanksgiving. (Instagram)

“Whether you’re a die-hard Jenelle fan or someone curious about the reality TV landscape, The Time of The Day offers a candid and authentic look into the world of a personality who has captured the public’s attention,” continues the website synopsis.

It adds that listeners will be taken on an “immersive journey through the life of Jenelle Evans” and that “No topic is off-limits, and every story is told unfiltered.”

No premiere date has been set as of this writing.

We’ll let the six people out there who would even think of listening to this know when Evans does announce the official launch.

Jenelle Evans: I’m Coming Out with a Podcast! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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