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June Shannon: My Late Daughter Wanted ME To Take Custody of Her Child!

As previously reported, Anna Cardwell died last month at the very young age of 29.

This is obviously VERY sad news.

It also appears to be turning into ugly news in some sense… because a custody battle is brewing between Anna’s mother, June Shannon, and Anna’s ex-husband, Michael.

June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (TLC)

Anna, you see, passed away with two daughters, an eight-year old named Kylee and an 11-year old named Kaitlyn.

The youngest is the biological child of Michael and will be living with her dad going forward.

We never learned the identity of Kaitlyn’s biological father, however, and Michael is now suing for custody of her as well.

June, meanwhile, has also filed legal documents to take custody of the child.

Our thoughts remain with June Shannon in the wake of her daughter’s death. (Image Credit: TikTok)

According to the reality star, Anna told her mom on her death bed that she wanted Kaitlyn to move in with her grandmother.

This request was never formalized in writing, though.

Referring to Michael, June told The Sun this week that “he has no legal rights to Kaitlyn,” adding in a lengthier statement:

“For the first time ever, she stood up to them, she even told Michael the same.

“The Michael thing is about money, and Kaitlyn ain’t a money symbol. Kaitlyn wants to be raised by her biological family.”

Prior to her tragic passing, Anna Cardwell posed here in the hospital alongside her loved ones. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Anna was diagnosed with a rare form of adrenal cancer in March.

She chronicled the final months of her life on social media, but made no mention in public of her plans/hopes/intentions in regard to her kids after she passed away.

“We are following the wishes. At the end of the day, I wish she would have done it when she was alive but she didn’t,” June now says.

“It was a hard thing for her… She struggled, but she let everybody know how she felt, especially at the end.”

June Shannon speaks to the camera in this scene from her reality show. (Image Credit: WEtv)

Shannon has custody of Kaitlyn… for now. But the future is uncertain.

Elsewhere, after Anna died, her sister, Alana, penned the following tribute:

“Anna was in so much pain last night but now as a family we all know she is at peace now.

“I really don’t know what to say as my heart is completely broken. Watching my 29-year-old sister this last year battle this horrible disease hasn’t been easy. Anna was a fighter & still is.

“Lord please wrap your arms around her 2 babies & our family as the next couple of days will make this all a reality.”

Wearing glasses, Anna Cardwell snaps this selfie in a kelly green sweater. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Concluded Alana at the tragic time:

I’m so glad that you waited til I was home to take your last breath.

I would’ve loved for you to get to see me graduate college but I know you will forever cheer me on in heaven!

We will all make sure your legacy lives on forever. And I promise to always make sure to celebrate our birthday like you never left! The sky looks a little bit different today. We will always love you Anna.

You hit me hard with his one Anna but I know your in a better place now and pain free forever!

June Shannon: My Late Daughter Wanted ME To Take Custody of Her Child! was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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