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Kim Kardashian Posts Workout Thirst Traps Video for Fans To Show Off Shredded Body

Kim Kardashian and her workout videos are a sight to behold.

And no, not for the reason that you’re thinking. (Okay, not only that)

Even though Kim will call Khloe out in public rants, the sisters do some of their best workouts when they’re encouraging each other.

And the results really speak for themselves.

On Thursday, January 4, 2024, Kim Kardashian showed off her workout routine and thirst-trapped fans with her muscular back. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday evening to share a series of looks at her intense workouts.

One of the advantages to fabulous wealth is that Kim can work out in a sprawling, private gym with the help of a personal trainer.

She also has the emotional support — and verbal praise — of fitness-focused Khloe as she lifts barbells and other weights.

We just had to GIF this incredible workout by Kim Kardashian in January 2024. Look at that back! (Image Credit: Instagram)

Khloe Kardashian is the Ultimate Hype Girl

During one of the tantalizing videos that Kim shared, we could even hear Khloe’s words of encouragement as she surveyed Kim’s sculpted back and iron determination.

“Oh my god,” Khloe exclaimed multiple times during the video. “What are you training for?”

Kim answered her succinctly: “Life!” (In Khloe’s opinion, Kim’s training routine was a better fit for “The Olympics”)

“Leg day,” Kim Kardashian explains as she works out on her January 2024 Instagram Story. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian Leg Days are No Joke

Her initial post was part of a series of Story posts in which Kim showed off and discussed her workouts.

Leg day is notoriously difficult for many people.

But Kim, under the guidance of her trainer, was sure to flex her legs while using weights to keep her body in top condition.

Hamstring workouts are the actual worst, and Kim Kardashian clearly knows that. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian has Stubborn Hamstrings

“This hamstring curl in is a killer,” Kim admitted in the caption of one of her Story posts.

She explained that she could not slow down her workout because it was deceptively brutal.

Hamstrings are a muscle group of prominent tendons that run through your legs. And many people (especially tall people, but also Kim) find that they are very difficult during stretches and workouts.

Kim Kardashian shows off her legendary booty while doing step-ups during her January 2024 workout. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Time for Kim Kardashian to Step Up (Literally)

“Step ups are deadly too,” Kim admitted in another Story post, “but a must!”

Kim showed herself doing a much more challenging version of using simple steps.

The seat that she’s using is higher than most steps, and the lower “step” is not a flat surface. This forces her to balance, which uses more muscle groups.

And thrust! Kim Kardashian shows how she gets “creative” with gym equipment while working her core. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Cue the Kim Kardashian Hip Thrust Jokes

Thirsty followers and wannabe comedians alike were overjoyed to see Kim work out her abs, hips, and legs.

“I hate these hip thrusts!” Kim announced. “She makes me do them three times a week!”

Kim acknowledged that “consistency is key.” She also explained how they were making creative use of other workout equipment to change things up.

In 2024, Kim Kardashian is adding more weight to her workout. She’s setting goals! (Image Credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian’s 2024 Fitness Goals

“We’re going for heavier weights this year,” she shared on another Story post.

“Set small fitness goals,” she advised, “and stick with them.”

While most of Kim’s workout strategy is simply not an option for the vast majority of people (because she is rich), that is a solid suggestion.

Kim Kardashian Posts Workout Thirst Traps Video for Fans To Show Off Shredded Body was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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