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‘Love Is Blind’ Lawsuits Allege Abuse, Sexual Assault On Set: Will Netflix …

The reality dating show Love is Blind has become one of Netflix’s most successful properties at a time when the streaming giant is desperate for hits.

But the future of the series is currently in doubt, thanks to multiple lawsuits alleging shocking acts of abuse and harassment on set.

The first suit was filed by a contestant named Tran Dang, who alleges that she was sexually assaulted during filming.

Dang was cast on the show’s fifth season, and she eventually got engaged to castmate Thomas Smith.

Love Is Blind is a hit for Netflix, but the show has become a source of major controversy. (Netflix)

However, her appearances were edited out of the final product in response to claims that she was assaulted by her then-fiance.

‘Love Is Blind’ Lawsuit Shocks Fans

Controversy and reality TV have always gone hand-in-hand, but the allegations made by Dang are so shocking that they may lead to long-overdue changes throughout the industry.

Dang is suing Love Is Blind‘s production company, Kinetic Content, for assault, false imprisonment, and negligence.

“The producers are throwing money at the problem by spending an inordinate amount of money on losing legal positions that do nothing but delay the parties from having their day in Court,” Dang’s lawyer Benjamin W. Allen told People magazine in October.

An advertisement for the fifth season of Love Is Blind. (Netflix)

“They lost on three distinct legal issues before the trial court and then filed three separate appeals to multiply the proceedings we have to wade through before finally trying this case,” Allen continued.

“But we are confident that Ms. Dang’s position will be vindicated once we get there and are committed to seeing it through all of the way. We have to hold the show producers accountable,” the attorney added.

“We have an ethical duty to our client to do so, but also feel a moral obligation to the next generation of reality show participants.”

‘Love Is Blind’ Producer Responds to Lawsuit

Series creator Chris Coelen responded to Dang’s allegations in a statement issued to People magazine.

The cast of Love Is Blind Season 5 is posing here for the camera. (Netflix)

“If anybody ever came to us and said they felt unsafe in any way, we would immediately remove them from the experiment and talk to them, and try to get to the bottom of it,” Coelen said.

“Unfortunately, in this case, that kind of sentiment was never addressed to us in any way, nor was any alleged wrongdoing brought to our attention ever.”

It remains to be seen how the situation will play out in court, but in the meantime, Coelen and Netflix have other legal battles to fight.

Renee Poche appears on the Netflix dating show ‘Love Is Blind’. (Netflix)

Renee Poche Files Lawsuit Against ‘Love Is Blind’ Showrunners

Another Love Is Blind lawsuit might soon land the show’s creator and production companies in front of a judge.

Like Dang, Texas veterinarian Renee Poche progressed beyond “the pods” and entered into an engagement with a fellow contestant during Love Is Blind Season 5.

However, Poches’ relationship with Carter Wall was also edited out of the season and is now the subject of a messy legal battle.

Renee Poche has filed a lawsuit against the creators of Love Is Blind. She claims she was mistreated on set. (Netflix)

Poche filed lawsuits against Kinetic Content and a second production company, Delirium TV, after she was allegedly penalized $4 million for violating her contract by discussing her time on the show.

In her countersuit, Poche claims that her nightmare began when production staff seized her phone, passport, and driver’s license and proceeded to lock her in a hotel room.

Poche alleges that her safety was further compromised when she was pressured into an abusive relationship with Wall, who made his way through the show’s vetting process despite being unemployed, unhoused, and addicted to multiple substances.

Renee and Carter got engaged during their time on Love Is Blind. (Netflix)

“My experience on Love is Blind was traumatic. I felt like a prisoner and had no support when I let Delirium know that I didn’t feel safe,” Poche said in a statement.

Kinetic Content and Delirium TV have yet to publicly respond to the allegations.

More ‘Love Is Blind’ Lawsuits to Come?

Sadly, experiences like the ones described by Dang and Poche are not unheard of in the world of reality TV.

The fifth season of Love Is Blind might have been the most tumultuous in the show’s history. (Netflix)

Currently, a sixth season of Love Is Blind is scheduled to premiere in February.

But if further allegations — and lawsuits against the show’s creators — continue to roll in, then Netflix might be forced to pull the plug.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

‘Love Is Blind’ Lawsuits Allege Abuse, Sexual Assault On Set: Will Netflix … was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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