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Robyn Brown: Pregnant with Kody Brown’s Next Baby?!?

Let us be clear up front:

We are not fans of questions such as the one posed above.

It’s really no one’s business whether or not someone is pregnant and is a pretty rude invasion of privacy to open wonder about the state of a woman’s womb.

But this is a topic among Sister Wives fans on social media… and we are a celebrity gossip website… and readers do care about the future of the Brown family.

Has Robyn Brown gotten a nose job? This is a question many are asking. (TLC)

All this said, Robyn Brown may be pregnant.

Back in October, a Sister Wives TikTok fan account delved into this possibility by sharing a screenshot from the Sister Wives Fans Unite Facebook group that was posted shortly after filming for Season 18 wrapped up.

There wasn’t a ton to go on at the time.

Basically… a woman by the name of Amber said a friend of hers who lives in Flagstaff ran into Kody and Robyn, who were “talking about their baby to be.”

Elsewhere, a bunch of rude people on the Internet have said that Robyn has been looking recently as if she’s gained weight.


We wouldn’t exactly call this hard evidence.

Here’s the thing, though:

Robyn has said in the past that she’s open to the expansion of her immediate family.

“Women talk about that feeling of like, ‘Oh, I’m done.’ I’ve never really got that,” Robyn said to Kody on an April 2021 episode of Sister Wives.

She added via confessional:

“You know when you’re young and you’re just thinking about having children and people will say, ‘How many kids are you going to have?’”

“I would always say, ‘Just as many as I’m supposed to have. As many as I’ve made promises to.”

Robyn Brown wears a very serious face in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Robyn is 45 years old, which would place her in the “geriatric” age group for pregnant women, according to the medical community.

But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t carry a baby to term in a healthy manner.

Robyn has three kids from her first marriage, Dayton, Aurora and Breanna. She and Kody then share a son (Solomon) and a daughter (Ariella) of their own.

Robyn Brown looks very unhappy in this scene from Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

Robyn and Kody, of course, have plenty to work on in their marriage before they can seriously think about having another child.

The former is especially struggling these days in the wake of Christine, Janelle and Meri all walking away from their plural relationships.

“I wanted to sit on a porch with my Sister Wives, with our kids and our grandkids,” she previously told People Magazine while sobbing over the dissolution of her family.

Robyn also revealed that she has no interest in pulling the plug on her own union.

“I just know how much I love Kody,” she told this same outlet.

“I know he’s a good guy. He’s doing his best.”

Robyn Brown: Pregnant with Kody Brown’s Next Baby?!? was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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