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San Angelo, Texas

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San Angelo is a city located in Tom Green County, Texas, serving as its county seat.

Situated in the Concho Valley, San Angelo occupies a strategic position in West Texas, bordered by the Permian Basin to the northwest, the Chihuahuan Desert to the southwest, the Osage Plains to the northeast, and Central Texas to the southeast. As per the 2020 United States Census, San Angelo boasted a population of 99,893 residents. It stands as the principal city and nucleus of the San Angelo metropolitan area, which encompasses a population of 121,516 individuals.

The city is renowned for housing institutions such as Angelo State University, the historic Fort Concho, and Goodfellow Air Force Base. Additionally, it serves as the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo.

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San Angelo History

In 1632, a brief mission established by Franciscans, under Spanish patronage, emerged in the area to minister to the native inhabitants. Led by friars Juan de Salas and Juan de Ortega, the mission endured for a short period, with Ortega’s tenure lasting six months. The region witnessed further exploration with visits from the Castillo-Martin expedition of 1650 and the Diego de Guadalajara expedition of 1654.

As the region evolved, San Angelo found itself at the western frontier of the territory known as Texas, successively claimed by Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and finally, the United States in 1846.

The present-day city of San Angelo was established in 1867, coinciding with the construction of Fort Concho by the United States, part of a network of forts aimed at safeguarding the frontier. Fort Concho housed cavalry, infantry, and the renowned Black Cavalry, also known as buffalo soldiers. Settler Bartholomew J. DeWitt founded the village of Santa Angela near the fort’s junction of the North and South Concho Rivers, naming it after his wife, Carolina Angela. The village later became known as San Angela and was ultimately changed to San Angelo in 1883 at the behest of the United States Postal Service due to grammatical inaccuracies in Spanish.

As San Angelo evolved, it became a vital trade center for farmers and settlers, albeit tinged with lawlessness characterized by brothels, saloons, and gambling houses. Designated as the county seat, the town experienced rapid growth in the 1880s, buoyed by the arrival of newly constructed railroads. The Santa Fe Railroad reached the town in 1888, followed by the Kansas City, Mexico, and Orient Railway in 1909.

The early 1900s saw an influx of tuberculosis patients seeking treatment in San Angelo due to its dry, warm climate. A sanitarium was established in nearby Carlsbad to accommodate these patients. In 1928, San Angelo College, later evolving into Angelo State University, was founded, emerging as one of the region’s pioneering institutes of higher education. During World War II, the military presence returned with the establishment of Goodfellow Air Force Base, initially tasked with pilot training.

The city experienced exponential growth during the 1900s oil boom, becoming a regional hub for the oil and gas industry. San Angelo also gained renown for hosting the Miss Wool of America Pageant, an annual event organized by the National Wool Growers Association.

Additionally, San Angelo Independent School District achieved distinction as one of the first in Texas to voluntarily integrate in 1955.

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