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Todd Chrisley is in DANGER, Daughter Claims; May Be Shipped to New Prison

Todd Chrisley may soon have a new address.

According to the disgraced reality star’s daughter, the imprisoned liar and schemer may not be long for Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida… not after all he has said about the conditions there.

Last month, Todd actually called in to the network NewsNation and complained about the abhorrent way he and other inmates have been treated inside of this facility.

Todd Chrisley speaks on stage at the ‘Dig’ panel during the NBCUniversal USA Network portion of the 2014 Summer Television Critics Association at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 14, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. (Getty)

Chrisley told this network the food inmates are being served in jail is “disgustingly filthy” and “out of date by, at minimum, a year.”

He claimed the storage facility in which the food is kept is infested with mice and squirrels… and that the ceiling had to be removed due to black mold.

“They found a dead cat in the ceiling [that] dropped down onto the food,” Chrisley said at one point, adding:

“They are literally starving these men to death here. These men are getting, I don’t know, they are getting a thousand calories a day.”

Todd and Julie Chrisley received hefty prison sentences for their financial crimes. (Image Credit: USA Network)

In a new interview on NewsNation’s Cuomo, meanwhile, Savannah Chrisley told host Brian Entin that things have inly gotten worse for her father since his spoke out in such a candid manner.

“The retaliation is real,” she said on NewsNation.

“It is heartbreaking for me to watch as his daughter, but they have even gone to the extent of stating that they will try to ship him to a state facility because our federal institutions cannot guarantee his safety.”

Savannah even claims that anonymous workers from the prison in which her dad is being held have reached out to her of late and confirmed Todd’s version of events.

Todd Chrisley does not appear to be an ethical individual. That’s just our opinion, of course. (Image Credit: USA)

“There are individuals who work in that facility who are giving me all the information, which should scare the warden and the [Bureau of Prisons],” she claimed.

“The BoP has called me a liar numerous times, but I have all the information to back it up. And these letters, I mean, I even have recordings of them speaking about shipping my father … but they have to have a good reason to [do so].

“They have to find something he’s in violation of.”

In an effort to find a violation, Savannah alleges she’s heard “they’re going to the extent of planting cell phones, drugs, going through his lockers, so that they can send him to a facility and truly behind bars.”

Savannah offered no proof this is actually happening, it should be noted.

Todd Chrisley reacts in shock here during a scene on his terrible reality show. (Image Credit: USA)

In September, Savannah also said her parents are being targeted while behind bars.

This does seem plausible, considering Todd and Julie Chrisley are semi-famous and both were convicted of tax fraud crimes that can only really be perpetrated by folks who are rich and entitled.

Todd is currently serving a reduced 10-year prison sentence following his conviction in July 2022.

Savannah’s mom, Julie, is serving a reduced five-year sentence in Lexington, Kentucky. And things are terrible for her there, too, Savannah says.

“The conditions are awful. They’re deplorable,” she said this week.

“”The fact that she’s in Kentucky, it’s 30 degrees. She’s going without heat. They will do a temporary fix and then they’ll be without it again. There was also a dead bird in the water where their water comes from.”

Todd and Julie Chrisley are GUILTY. They’ll be spending many years in prison as a result. (Image Credit: USA)

In response to rumors of awful conditions for its inmates, the prison in which Julie is housed released a statement a few months ago that, in part, reads as follows:

“The FBOP takes seriously our ability to protect and secure individuals in our custody while ensuring the safety of our employees and the surrounding community.

“We make every effort to create a controlled environment within our facilities that is both secure and humane, prioritizing the physical and emotional well-being of those in our care and custody.”

Todd Chrisley is in DANGER, Daughter Claims; May Be Shipped to New Prison was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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